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Plan Everything Before

One of the most fundamental steps in a book is pre-writing.

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With everything structured, you gain more agility to write.

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Writing a Fiction Book Has Never Been So Easy


The Ultimate Planner for Fiction Writers

“The Fabulous Book Planner for Fiction Authors” is a notebook with worksheets and questions to inspire and guide writers in structuring plots, characters, scenarios and scenes in a fiction book or script.
“The Fabulous” will help you search for ideas, define a powerful premise, structure the narrative, build more believable characters and detail settings and scenes, all to create a more powerful plot.
You can use it to build all kinds of stories: from the simplest tales to the most complex plot, from books to movie and TV scripts.

Plan a consistent plot and write with more focus and agility

Is it possible to plan a book so that it becomes a best seller?

Yes, as long as you take care of each stage of its production. And one of the most important steps in writing a book is pre-writing, that is, having a plan before writing it.

“The Fabulous” will help you plan, organize and better visualize your novel or screenplay, without losing the thread.


In addition, planning helps you avoid procrastination and write much more efficiently and quickly.


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See what you'll find...

Instructions, templates, sheets and templates to create an extraordinary weave

Get inspired, take notes of ideas for your plot and improve it.

Premise and Synopsis

Create an original premise for your story and write a detailed synopsis.


Create more compelling protagonists, antagonists, and supporting characters.

Plot Structures

13 ways to plotting your story based in bestselling templates.

Scenes and Settings

Detail the story’s scenes and settings to make it irresistible to the reader.

And much more...

Tips and factsheets for creating an eye-catching title and cover.

13 Models of Structural Narratives

“The Fabulous” presents 13 models of narrative structures for you to choose the one that best suits your plot. You will be able to use the structures “The Great Dilemma”, “In Media Res”, “A Disturbance and Two Doors”, “Save the Cat”, “The Greek Tragedy”, “The Circular Story”, “The Fitchan Crises”, a Japanese method called “Kishōtenketsu” or Hero’s Journeys variations, by Joseph Campbell, Christopher Vogler, Eldes Saullo, as well as “The Seven Points Journey” or the “The Story Spine “, used by Pixar.
In addition, each step of a narrative structure contains fundamental questions to help you get inspired and think about how to lead the story piece by piece. Each page is intended for a step of the protagonist, the typical step of a character, present in an infinity of books, plays and films. All for you to build a narrative capable of keeping the reader connected from beginning to end and writing a best seller

Create and organize your book

Imagine a movie director with all the scenes of his movie in his hands. This makes the movie EDITING process easier. With a book, it works the same way. You will act as a director, who orders the EVENTS of your story with a focus on the reader. For this, you can use one or more of the 13 models of plot structures available.
You can define what part of the story works best to start it, what event will be the catalyst for the plot, measure the pace and tension, and define the point where the reader reaches the emotional climax.
You’ll also be able to create complete sheets for each character, use symbols and archetypes to outline protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters. And also define each scenario and scene in your book before you start writing.
How to Plan Your Plot

Get Inspired

Generate ideas

Brainstorm ideas based on tips that will inspire you and create the cornerstone of your story.


Create a premise

Develop the premise based on the “who, when, now” or three-act model, which will give you a general idea of the main conflict.

Detail each one

Detail and outline characters’ physical and psychological attributes, draw on archetypes and write their backstories.

Delve into the plot

Structure your story around recognizably captivating templates such as variations of the Hero’s Journey, Save the Cat and more.

About the author

Eldes Saullo is a best-selling author

Eldes Saullo is a specialist in literary writing and marketing, and an editor at Casa do Escritor. His purpose is to inspire people to share their stories and experiences through books. He is the author of more than seventy books, including the bestsellers “The 21-Day Writing Habit” and “Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy: The Art of Telling Stories from Outer Worlds”. In 2019, he released his first novel, “A Vida é Doce – The Story of Italian Immigrants in Search of Happiness in 20th Century Brazil”, which was a resounding success with both audiences and critics. He is one of the best-selling indie authors on Amazon. He is the father of four children and resides in a bucolic city in the south of Minas Gerais, where he dedicates himself to writing and editing books.

Discover the Planner Sections

You receive it in PDF, in A4 format, with 180 Printable Pages

Basic book details, a page to organize your links and social networks and instructions, and a template to write your author biography.


Precious tips to “force” inspiration to find you and chips to generate new ideas and always keep them close by.


The step-by-step guide to writing a strong fiction premise, as well as an area to develop the book’s synopsis.


Questions, profiles and archetypes, which will help you build multidimensional characters.


Sheets for each stage of 14 plot structure models, with specific questions in each.


List the story events of your book using narrative structures divided into three major acts.


Create settings to define the tone of the narrative and help to intensify the sensations you want to convey to the reader in each part of the plot.

Title, cover and more...

Tips for creating eye-catching title and cover, the next steps after writing, and even organizing a sequel to the book.

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